Past Conferences and Calls

The Feminisms and Rhetorics conference has served as an intimate gathering place for feminist scholars to exchange ideas and present their research. It is a dynamic, engaging and welcoming conference. We encourage you to submit proposals to the upcoming conference and to consider being a site host.

2015--Arizona State University

Theme: Women's Ways of Making
Featured Speakers: Ann Morton, Thomas Rickert, Angela Haas, Elizabeth A. Flynn, Ann Brady, Patty Sotirin, Cathy Stevulak, Carol Mattingly
Co-chairs: Shirley Rose, Maureen Daly Goggin

2013--Stanford University

Theme: Links: Rhetorics, Feminisms, Global Communities 
Featured Speakers: Andrea Lunsford, Cheryl Glenn, Beverly Moss, Gesa Kirsch, Jacqueline Jones Royster, Lisa Ede, Lynda Barry,  Susan Jarratt, Kelly Belanger, Toni Kokenis, Judy Sweet, Tara VanDerveer, Dorothy Allison
Co-chairs: Andrea Lunsford, Patti Hanlon-Baker, Kelly Myers

2011--Minnesota State University

Theme: Feminist Challenges or Feminist Rhetorics?: Locations, Scholarship and Discourse
Featured Speakers: Gayle Salamon, Alison Piepmeier, Kate Ronald, Eileen Schell, Rebecca Dingo, Mumbi Mwangi, Kyoko Kishimoto, Sondra Perl, Betsey Sargent, and Jenn Melby
Chair: Kirsti Cole

2009--Michigan State University

Theme: Enabling Complexities: Communities/Writing/Rhetorics
Featured Speakers: Gwendolyn D. Pough, Cecilia Rodriguez Milanes, Rochelle L. Harris, Resa Crane Bizzaro, Teresa Guinsatao Monberg, Dora Ramirez-Dhoore,
Co-chairs: Malea Powell, Nancy DeJoy, Rhea Estelle Lathan

2007--University of Arkansas–Little Rock

Theme: Civic Discourse
Keynotes Speakers: Krista Ratcliffe and Joycelyn Elders
Co-chairs: Barb L’Eplattenier and Marcia Smith

2005--Michigan Tech

Theme: Affirming Diversity
Featured Speakers: Min-Zhan Lu, Helena Viramontes, Andrea Abernathy Lunsford, Donna Haraway, Jacqueline Jones Royster
Chair: Elizabeth Flynn

2003--The Ohio State University

Theme: Intersections: Critical Locations of Rhetorical Practice
Keynotes Speakers: Andrea Lunsford, Marcia Farr, Susan Jarratt and Victoria Smith
Co-chairs: Nan Johnson and Susan Delagrange

2001--Millikin University

Keynote Speakers: Krista Ratcliffe, Elizabeth Birmingham, Lisa Ede and Andrea A. Lunsford, Jacqueline Jones Royster and Anne Marie Mann Simpkins, Elizabeth Flynn, Joyce Irene Middleton, Nan Johnson, Susan Applegate Krouse, and Judy Natal
Chair: Nancy DeJoy

1999--University of Minnesota

Theme: Challenging Rhetorics: Cross-Disciplinary Sites of Feminist Discourse
Featured Speakers: Dorothy Allison, Judith Butler, Deborah Cameron, Lorraine Code, Lisa Ede, Janet Carey Eldred, Suzette Haden Elgin, Janet Emig, Elizabeth Flynn, Jane Gallop, Cheryl Glenn, Janice Gould, Judith Halberstam, Joy Harjo, Gail Hawisher, Florence Howe, Susan Jarratt, Nan Johnson, Evelyn Fox Keller, Gesa Kirsch, Robin Lakoff, Shirley Wilson Logan, Andrea Lunsford, Harriet Malinowitz, Joyce Irene Middleton, Susan Miller, Peter Mortensen, Beverly Moss, Julia Penelope, Louise Wetherbee Phelps, Krista Ratcliffe, Joy Ritchie, and Kate Ronald
Co-chairs: Lillian Bridwell-Bowles and Hildy Miller

1997--Oregon State University

Theme: From Boundaries to Borderlands
Plenary Speakers: Jacqueline Jones Royster, Barbara Warnick, Joy Ritchie, Patricia Sullivan, Angeletta Gourdine, Susan Jarratt, Nancy Tuana, Andrea Lunsford, Susan Brown Carlton, Arabella Lyon, Shirley Logan, and Krista Ratcliffe
Co-chairs: Lisa Ede and Cheryl Glenn